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The Scripture

The Church of Kyle
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The Church of Kyle is founded upon the belief that Kyle (dolor_verum_est) is God.

In the event of non-believers and blasphemy, God will smite down the unholy.

Things that are punishable by excommunication:
Nazi-ism and dictatorship running
Commenting on drama that is not directly linked to you (assuming you are not God, The BVM, The Holy Spirit, Jesus, or the Pope... they are exempt)
Ruining good standing friendships between others for personal gain
Conversion to other religions
Attempts to convert members
Lack of self-control
Bad taste in art, film and literature


The former Saint Hot Pants: Drea (stststutter) - for causing unnecessary drama, leading to a breakdown between God and Saint Agnes
The former Saint Agnes: Anna (essenceofadream) - for running a dictatorship and trying to convert church members
The former Brother Gerus Inficious: Jon (evilfireboy) - for speaking out against God and calling God emo at a time that God clearly was not emo; rumors; resurrecting long-dead drama; turning believers against God; inciting riots
The former Brother Rico Suave: Erik (imburningtonite) - for speaking out against God and commenting on drama that he had no business in participating in
A former worshipper: Ryan (reggaeryan25) - for inciting vicious lies against God; false claims concerning The Virgin Mary; being extraordinarily angst-mo; harassment; threats; attempted conversion of The Virgin Mary and other worshippers; being unnecessarily unreasonable; having bad taste in art, film, and literature; lack of self-control
The former gamekeeper: Russell (zimzat) - for breaking church rules (especially the first rule) and speaking out against God; harassment; threats

The official church directory can be found here

New rules from The Pope/Mother Superior Lauren!

1. Abbreviated 'netspeak' will be tolerated o~ly in very small doses, particularly in the presence of saintc, the clergy, or (of course) God himself.
2. So she's got a reputation, that doesn't mean you can't bring her home to mom. At least you know she's easy.
3. Don't be lame unless it's "fun" or "ironic."

(disclaimer: Church of Kyle is not a real church... it's a farce community. get it?)
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