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GOD:  Kyle (dolor_verum_est/dante_sensei)
The Most Blessed Not So Virgin Mary:  Whitney (myownmemento)
The Holy Spirit:  Paige (rynia)
Jesus Christ:  Ross (dspin)
The Second Coming of Christ: Michael (m_and_m845)

The Pope:  Lauren (velouria_cuomo) (also the Church's Mother Superior, publicist, and lawyer)
Archbishop Wooters/Mr. Pink:  Tara (solemnrayne)
Ambassador to the Heretics: Samantha (boi_in_boots)
Psychiatrist to GOD: Madison (themadisonrocks)

The Saints:
Saint Mary Ignatius: Jalyn (jalyn)
Saint SrLubaLuba: Monique (countrychick812)
Saint Sinner: Kevin (logicispower)

The Clergy:
Mother Superior:  Lauren (velouria_cuomo) (also the Pope, church publicist, and lawyer)
Sister Helen Marmalade:  Caitlyn (wickedkithic)
Father Dylan Bucket/The second coming of Jesus:  Michael (m_and_m845)
Sister Mary Ann Lebinowicz / Official Church Bartender: Windi (eruditeboredom)

Mary Magdeline: Krista (theatrebuff101)
Church Sex Shop Operator/Jezebel the Church Prostitute: Kristin (at_my_pncil_tip)
Official Church Babysitter/Hairdresser: Heather (aslin)
Official Church Spy: Sam (starysilence/ikn0wy0ukn0w)
Official Church Pimp: Michelle (yacaughtme2386)

Anti-Kyle figures:
The Anti-Christ: Lukas (westwardwind)

Excommunicated members:

The former Saint Hot Pants: Drea (stststutter) - for causing unnecessary drama, leading to a breakdown between God and Saint Agnes
The former Saint Agnes: Anna (essenceofadream) - for running a dictatorship and trying to convert church members
The former Brother Gerus Inficious: Jon (evilfireboy) - for speaking out against God and calling God emo at a time that God clearly was not emo; rumors; resurrecting long-dead drama; turning believers against God; inciting riots
The former Brother Rico Suave: Erik (imburningtonite) - for speaking out against God and commenting on drama that he had no business in participating in
A former worshipper: Ryan (reggaeryan25) - for inciting vicious lies against God; false claims concerning The Virgin Mary; being extraordinarily angst-mo; harassment; threats; attempted conversion of The Virgin Mary and other worshippers; being unnecessarily unreasonable; having bad taste in art, film, and literature; lack of self-control
The former gamekeeper: Russell (zimzat) - for breaking church rules (especially the first rule) and speaking out against God; harassment; threats

*anyone wishing to have a chat with GOD which will be posted in the community may contact "The Emo Savior" via AOL Instant Messenger*
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